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Feast your eyes on PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com's site-wide selection of personalized votive candle holders, personalized candle favors, and candle accessories for your personalized candle holders, favors, and decor. Personalize our top-quality and all-exciting range of clear glass candle holders, frosted votive candle holders, hurricane candle holders, wine glass candle holders, shot glass votive holders, custom labeled candle favors, and other votive holder types with a colored print or laser engraving of your wedding and special occasion's trademark art, your monogram, business logo, artwork, custom message, and more – even pair them with your custom candle favor accessories, like personalized favor bags, and decorating implements, like personalized candle trays.

Fancy and realize the personalized candle wedding favors, candle favors for baby shower, candle decorations, candle party favors, custom candle gifts, and promotional candles with logo that you need for your special occasions, gift-giving needs, and business for PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com – your #1 online shopping portal for custom votive holders – has got it all for you!

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Candles don't just lend a light – they are also regarded as symbols in many special occasions: Weddings can't be without candles, which are regarded as the symbol of the union of the bride and groom. Birthdays won't feel complete without having to make a wish on a birthday candle, which is revered as the symbol of life. Christening candles are such to light the way of the baptized through his faith's journey. Baby shower candle favors are also loved for the way they signify the light and the joy that the baby brings to the family. Symbolic of wisdom and success, candles also grace graduation celebrations, important business events, like anniversaries, and thanksgiving parties. In prayer, candles are also lit because, one belief, their smoke is said to bring one's prayer onto the heavens.

For these reasons and more, candles are frequently sought as favors and gifts because of their special meaning and usefulness as a source of light. There is a surprising number of candle types, sizes, colors, and designs that you can pick for favors and gifts, but one that often tops as a choice because of their wide availability, the myriad unique ways by which they can be packaged, the bright and enduring glow of their candle light, their easy ability to be cherished as gifts and favors because they are useful as ambient and emergency lighting, and given their small size, they are easy to hand as gifts and favors, are the personalized votive candle holders.

And if you are looking for the best place to shop personalized votive candle holders for favors, gifts, and business promotions, then you will surely be glad to know about PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com, which brings you your personalized votive holders and candle favors at the best wholesale or bulk price online. Featuring your design on high-quality votive candle holders, like ARC Decorator and Eastland® votive candle holders, and matched with equally superior-class votive candles, like Richland® votive candles, and candle favor accessories, like personalized favor bags, you will surely be proud to share the piece of light and joy that these personalized votive holders are planned to provide.

100+ Celebration Designs or Personalize With Your Logo

Creating your custom printed or engraved candle favors is a breeze here on PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com as there is already our exclusive selection of 100+ wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday, bridal shower, seasonal, and party designs that are ready for you to customize in your color motif and with up to three (3) lines of custom text, like your names, event details, special date, and short message. Don't forget that you can also customize all our votive candle holder styles with your own artwork, logo, or corporate designs, plus personalized candle labels are available here on our store for your needs of temporarily personalized votive holders.

What's more, freebies – like FREE 10-hour votive candles, FREE custom engraving, and FREE personalized candle labels – await select personalized votive holder styles, too! Catch the personalized votive holders that include these amazing extras to experience just one of the great reasons to shop your personalized votive holders, personalized candle favors, candle gifts, and promotional candles with logo here on PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com!

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Guided by your belief that both the light and the joy that these personalized candle favors and votive candle holders bring are worth sharing, PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com promises to make each of your personalized candle favor and personalized votive candle holder truly beautiful as a gift, as promotional candles, and as a remembrance of your wedding and special occasions. Add to that are the multiple online shopping conveniences that you can enjoy here on PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com, like a large selection of top-quality votive candle holders and candle accessories at super low prices, guaranteed savings at any rate, quick delivery, FREE sample, FREE shipping of orders over $149.99, infinite design possibilities for each candle holder style, and so much more!

So shop away and let your guests take home a piece of the light and joy that these personalized candle favors are meant to provide!

Smash Your Candle Decorating Ideas Like a Pro

Smash your candle decorating ideas like a pro by using these personalized votive candle holders as unique alternative to the classic plain glass votive holders! These personalized votive holders will not only brighten up every space you bring them in, whether used sparingly or in a mass, they will also add just the right amount of glam to your candle decorating ideas. With their small size and the special imprint or engraving of your custom design on their front, you can even work them out as the key element or adornment to a decorating theme or candle centerpiece. And they will not only look good with just about any table decoration, they are also a sight to behold, especially for your wedding and special occasions, as well as a novel statement-making addition for your party tables.

You can use these personalized votive holders, too, to completely or partially channel the inspiration of your decorating theme in your table centerpiece. If you want to highlight your wedding logo, monogram, artwork, or corporate design on the latter, you can go for the simple and dazzling look of having personalized glass votive holders custom printed or engraved with a single type of artwork as the special accent to your candle centerpiece. And if you want to give your tables or candle centerpiece an element of surprise, you can illuminate the same with clear glass or frosted glass votive holders personalized with a variety designs that complement each other.

Using these personalized votive holders with your existing table decorations will also produce an equally dramatic candle decorating idea. Whatever their custom printed or engraved design, you can, for one, strike rustic candle centerpieces that will truly impress by placing your personalized votive holders on rustic candle holders or on tree trunk table decorations. You can also have your custom votive holders, too, as the holiday candle lights for your Zen garden candle holder centerpiece or wrought iron candle holder so as to update its look just in time for spring, summer, fall, or winter, the holidays, and all the seasonal celebrations in-between.

Your creativity is the limit as to the number of ways by which you can use these personalized votive candle holders to make simple, elegant, or themed candle decorating themes and styles. So take these personalized votive candle holders for your home, wedding, special occasions, and business place and use them to realize your unique, colorful, and personalized candle decorating ideas.

The Perfect Candle Holders for Your Decorating Needs

The perfect votive holders will not only illumine and enhance the look of your tables and indoor or outdoor spaces, they will also help to maximize the burn time of your votive candle, which is a very important consideration, particularly when using them on very special occasions. You do not want your votive candle to lose its light at the middle of your event, and the key to that is to nestle it in a votive candle holder that is perfect for its size. Votive candles are usually molded as 2.5-inch tall x 1-inch diameter round-shaped candles and they are specially designed to melt while burning, thus they are ideally housed in cylindrical or round votive candle holders that approximate their size, especially their diameter, so that their melted wax is confined within an optimum radius from their wick.

When it comes to your candle decorating needs, there are many types of votive holders that you can choose from. In terms of shape, there are the classic round votive candle holders, which are your best option for your wedding and special occasions' votive candle lights because of their renowned ability to maximize the burn time of votive candles, as well as the modern-style square votive candle holders, the tulip-shaped hurricane votive candle holders, and the latter's vintage-style variations which taper to a wide rim. There are also the flower pot votive candle holders, which mimic the traditional garden planters, the oyster votive candle holders, which sport a cylindrical body that flares at the rim, and the spherical bauble votive holders that you can decorate on a flat surface or suspend as hanging votive holders.

For your needs of votive holders that present many exciting options for your candle decorating ideas, you can quickly look within the wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles of glass votive holders. For a bright illumination, you can go for the quiet elegance of clear glass votive holders, which are also your best alternative to the crystal votive candle holders. For giving a candle decorating idea a colorful and glistening accent in addition to the warming allure of votive candle lights, there is the captivating beauty of colored glass votive candle holders, which may come in solid colors or in multiple colors, like the mosaic votive holders. Or, you can impress your guests with the metallic and reflective sheen of mercury glass votive candle holders or the frosted finish of frosted votive holders.

And in the same way you can personalize your wedding, special occasion, and decorating theme's various details, your votive candle holders hold no exception, too, as there are also the personalized votive candle holders, like the custom printed votive holders, which feature your design as a colored print on their front; the custom engraved votive holders, which feature your artwork as a permanent-staying etched detail on their front, and the custom labeled votive holders, which are customized with your specially-designed sticker label. And if you are still feeling a little creative, you can turn ordinary – even used – implements, like mason jars, tree stumps, and old votive candle holders, too, into unique votive candle holders that are appropriate for your planned candle decorating theme.

Find these various types of votive candle holders here on PersonalizedVotiveHolders.com at budget-easy and affordable prices and enjoy the myriad candle decorating themes that they can create for your wedding, special occasions, and indoor or outdoor spaces.

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