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How to Clean Votive Candle Holders?

Make it a habit to clean votive candle holders regularly with these tips on how to clean votive candle holders as a messy candle holder not only looks unattractive, it also attracts dirt and germs so easily.

Remove Wax from Votive Holders.

To remove a thick layer of wax, place the glass, metal, or ceramic votive holder inside the freezer for a few hours so the wax shrinks just enough to pop out. When removing wax from the curves of the votive holder, such as of a bowl-shaped or hurricane votive holder, slowly pry onto the middle of the wax using a non-abrasive tool until you have dug a hole that causes the wax to break into half or smaller pieces. To remove the remaining wax, pour hot water onto the votive holder to melt the wax or scrape them gently using a plastic spatula or a stainless steel spoon.

Remove Black Soot from Votive Holders.

Black soot that gathers on glass or ceramic votive holders, usually, can be scraped easily using a non-abrasive tool, like a plastic spatula or a stainless steel spoon. For stubborn soot, use WD40® or cooking spray so it becomes softer to remove and try to scrape it again.

Remove Black Smoke on the Sides of a Votive Holder.

Extinguish the candle and wait for a while till the votive holder cools. Wipe the black stain with a damp cloth or paper towel until it is completely removed. Trim the wick of the votive candle to 1/4 inch before lighting it again.

Remove Wax on the Decor or Grooves of the Votive Holder.

Gently scrape the wax that rest on the grooves of the grooves or indentations of the votive holder. If feasible, you can also melt the wax by pouring hot water or by air-drying using the heat of a hair dryer.

Restore the Polish of Wrought Iron Votive Holders.

Wipe the wrought iron votive holder using a soft, clean, and dry cloth to remove the dirt and then metal polish to restore its shine.

Get Rid of the Cloudiness of Glass Votive Holders.

Remove all the wax that sticks inside the votive holder and remove the cloudiness of glass by washing the latter under running water, mix equal parts of water and vinegar, and then soak the glass votive holder onto the water and vinegar mixture for about an hour. Wash the glass votive holder again with soap and water and wipe with a clean washcloth.

Wash Silk-screened and Engraved Personalized Votive Holders

When washing silkcreened and engraved personalized votive holders, use a soft scrub to remove dirt or stain that settles on the silkscreened or engraved design.

How to Care for Resin Votive Holders?

The usually decorative designs of resin votive holders makes them prone to dust and dirt, in addition to natural yellowing. To keep resin votive holders clean, simply wash them under running water and with mild soap regularly.

Prevent Wax from Sticking on Votive Holders.

Pour about 1/4 inch of water inside the votive holder so the wax drippings float and do not stick to the bottom of the votive holder.

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