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How to Make a Votive Holder?

Votive holders have gone a long way from being prayer candle holders only to the stylish candle cups we can keep for modern decorating and party lighting. If you are looking for a specific type of votive holder and tips or ideas on how to make a votive holder, especially those which you can easily pull for the candle lighting needs of short-notice parties and social gatherings, these tips on how to make votive holders are sure to be of help:

Make Fruit or Vegetable Votive Holders

With weekend parties, dinner with family and friends, and other special occasions always just around the corner, make sure that your sumptuous dishes are highlighted by fruit or vegetable candle holders that brighten up the buffet tables and treat guests with a tropical surprise. You can cut just a small portion of an apple, pear, potato, guava, or pumpkin using a fruit carver, or strip some parts of the head of a lettuce or artichoke to a size that fits a votive candle. Also, don't forget to cut a small portion of their bottom to make a flat base and your fruit or vegetable votive holder on a glass coaster for a luxe-looking presentation.

How to Make Shoji Votive Holders

Infuse a Japanese inspiration in your home or on your wedding and parties by making shoji-style votive holders. This Japanese artwork relies on the use of wood and paper to create a strong, functional, and pretty wood-and-paper product that can serve both as a decoration and ambient light to indoor and dry outdoor spaces.

Determine the length, width, and height measurements of your Shoji votive holders and plot the same on a sheet of rice paper or wax paper as your guide for cutting the four (4) paper walls of your Shoji candle holder, adding approximately 0.5 inches on each side as the corner flaps. Cut the wax paper into size, fold the sides to create flaps, and arrange bamboo craft sticks the way you like to it decorate your Shoji votive holder. Apply glue on one side of the bamboo craft stick and stick it on the piece of paper excluding the flaps. Repeat this process until all the paper walls have been decorated with the bamboo craft sticks.

Assemble your Shoji votive holders by applying glue on the flaps and connecting the same onto another sheet of paper wall until you have made a square- or rectangular-shaped votive holder. Use this votive holder as the paper shade of your glass votive candle holders or personalized glass votive holders. Tip: You can also use parchment paper and print a colored template on the same to come up with a printed votive holder.

Make Layered Glass Votive Holders

If you love the idea of glass votive holders that seem to float over a floral arrangement, they are actually very easy to make using a large glass jar and a votive holder that can be hung along the latter's rim, like a flower pot-shaped votive holder or an oyster-shaped votive holder. Start by decorating the glass jar with flowers, pebbles, stones, and other types of ornaments and simply hang the votive candle holder on the rim of the glass jar.

You can use a non-flare glass bowl or a tall, cylinder-shaped flower vase for your jar, you can also create a paper shade that is made of vellum paper to make your layered glass votive holder into a lampshade.

Make Recycled Tin Can Votive Holders

Save your non-biodegradable tin cans for Mother Earth by making recycled votive holders that flaunt nice pierced patterns. First, wash each tin can with soap and water, fill it with water, and freeze it overnight to make ice, which helps to keep the tin can from denting while you are making holes for its design. Print your pattern on paper and wrap it around the tin can as your guide. Using hammer and different sizes of nails, create holes around your tin can following your design.

When done, remove the paper pattern and fill the tin can with hot water to melt the ice. You can paint the tin can with acrylic paint and then fill it with votive candles. Light several pieces of these recycled tin cans on your home, patio, or veranda at night, especially on your party, and see how they shed an impressive array of shadows of light on nearby walls and surroundings.1

Make Concrete Votive Holder Garden Ornament

Every lush outdoor can take a touch of zen with the pretty glow of votive lights. But if your votive candle holder does not appear to harmonize smoothly with your terra cotta flower pots and clay jar decorations, concrete votive candle holders are the way to go. You can easily make concrete votive holder garden ornament by using old plastic water bottles that are cut into an ideal height and planter boxes for your mold.

Start by arranging glass votive holders inside your mold, create a concrete mixture (Sample ratio: 2 or 4 parts sharp to 1 part cement) that is runny enough to be easy to create a smooth finish, and pour the latter onto the mold and around the votive holders. See to it that the hole for the votive candle isn't too deep so as to completely hide a votive candle and allow the concrete mixture to dry. Place your concrete votive holder amidst the lush greenery so they accentuate the same with a flickering glow of light.2

Make Clay Candle Holders

Clay is one of the oldest materials that was used for making votive holders and you can make votive holders out of them, too, using clay. First, make a ball of clay, flatten it, and gently push your thumb onto the middle to create a hole at the center of the rounded clay. Gently pull the sides of the hole that you make to make a larger hole that is perfectly-sized for a votive candle. Slowly shape the sides of the clay to form your votive candle holder. You can also shape some small portion of clay for your decoration and leave the clay candle holder to dry. Once dry, add Dextrine as instructed in the Dextrine package instructions to make your clay votive holder durable without the need for firing in a kiln. Paint your clay votive holder with enamel paint and finish it with a colored votive candle.3

Make Glass Coaster Votive Holders

Coordinating the elements of the dinner tables make for a fine table setting and it does not have to stop with a matching set of dinnerware, but also a matching array of the functional pieces, like glass placemats, glass coasters, and glass candle holders. Using glass glue, make a cube-shaped glass votive holder using 4 to 5 pieces of glass coasters. After it dries completely and able to stand on its own, fill it with white pebbles and decorate the exterior with faux, leaves, beads, seashells, and other types of ornaments to give it a themed design or a unique ethereal or beach inspiration.

Make Twig-Covered Candle Holders

Perfect for spring and outdoor weddings, twig-covered candle holders can be made by cutting a thin and translucent sheet of paper, like wax, rice, or parchment paper into the size of the votive holder. Gather some twigs and cut them to the same height. Apply hot glue onto each twig and stick them one by one onto the paper until it is fully-covered. Stick a double-sided adhesive tape on the edges of the translucent paper to make it stick flat onto the surface of the votive holder. Finish your twig candle holder with a ribbon that is tied into a bow and decorate it a tabletop that has been sprinkled with river rocks to ace a nature-themed candle centrepiece.

Tips in Making Votive Candle Holders

Votive holders can be made from different types of heat-resistant and flame-resistant materials. And just like in making other forms of art pieces, start with a design idea in mind and look for materials that can serve as a stable and durable stand or holder for your votive candles. If you need more design ideas, such as how to create embellished votive holders and use them for your wedding, checkout more of our votive holder craft ideas or shop personalized votive candle holders.