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Personalized Votive Holders / Shot Glasses

Take a shot with our beautiful and classy Personalized Votive Holders/Shot Glasses. A dual purpose wedding favor that will make a perfect souvenir of your special day, birthday, anniversary and any other special event, it can be used as a shot glass and even as a votive candle holder that can bring an incredible happiness to your guests.

Nothing can beat a personalized favor. This shot glass/votive candle holder can be personalized with your names and your event date just below your chosen design or theme.

If you are looking for a glassware favors that are not only elegant and beautiful but at the same functional then these personalized votive holders/shot glasses will be a great favor for your event. It can be used in many ways.

Uses of Votive Holders/Shot Glasses

Shot Glass

Perfect to toast with your friends, this shot glass may come in different colors, sizes and materials. There are lots of shot glasses types such as standard, fluted glasses, molded shot glass, barrel, flared and many more. You can now enjoy your wine with this unique and elegant personalized shot glass.

Votive Holder

Each of this round shaped shot glass has a dual function as a votive holder and as a shot glass. So if your guests are not wine drinkers, they can just simply display it with their favorite scented or votive candle. When paired with tea light or votive candle, it can surely add a romantic and cool feel to any room. They will make a wonderful addition to your collections.


This also makes a wonderful reception decoration, just add a votive or tea light candle and place them on your party tables. You may simply place them on your kitchen or any tabletop to add some life and excitement on it. They are also great collectibles that everyone will surely love. There are many beautifully and elegantly crafted ones ready for purchase, complete with photos that can go well with your theme or motif.


These votive holders/shot glasses will be a great reminder of your special celebration or milestone. Your guests will feel extra special by giving these personalized favors as your token of appreciation and gratitude towards them. Everyone will definitely love to have one of these unique and stylish shot glasses that will serve as a good reminder of all the good memories they had on your occasion. It will be good to choose a favor that is truly useful and fun at the same time. They will make a wonderful gift that can lasts for a long time.

Personalized votive holders/shot glasses are not only perfect for your wedding favors but will also be a good souvenirs and commemorative gifts.

Having something personalized to present to your guests makes every celebration much more memorable and interesting. View all of our Personalized Votive Holders / Shot Glasses in this section. They are organize by popular themes.